How to help students enjoy PE when they are not able to join in with the regular activities

I will be the first to admit that I have not always done the greatest job of accommodating students who have injuries and have a doctor’s excuse when they come to PE.  It is very easy and convenient for me to just have the students be a spectator.  Recently, I decided to create some activities that will allow these students to enjoy their time while improving their skills!  

In my opinion, fine motor skills play a very important role in the execution of many sports movements. One fun way to work on fine motor skills is to have students that cannot participate due to injury, play the chopstick game! One minute to get as many Scrabble letters in the bucket as possible and then spell a word. Try to beat your own score. As students get the hang of it, let them try to use regular chopsticks! 

Be creative with the equipment you have.  There is always something that a student can do besides read a book, do a worksheet, spectate etc.. What ideas can you add to the discussion?