Depth of Knowledge and Depth of Performance in PE!

You may have heard the terminology,”Depth of Knowledge” (DOK), used by classroom teachers and administrators.  A challenge that we face as PE teachers is to ensure “Depth of Knowledge” in our lessons in addition to physical performance.  Students must understand the skills we teach and put those skills into action by connecting their minds to their bodies.  Students cannot consistently perform what they do not understand.

Successful PE Teachers are able to deliver instruction that accomplishes 1.) Depth of Knowledge and 2.) Depth of Performance.  Webb’s Depth of Knowledge is measured on a scale of 1-4 and the following illustrates some corresponding descriptors of each level.

DOK Level 1 – Recall/Reproduction

DOK Level 2 – Skills/Concepts

DOK Level 3 – Strategic Thinking

DOK Level 4 – Extended Thinking

In PE we should be able to use a similar system to measure performance so I have translated the Depth of Knowledge levels into Depths of Performance (DOP).  Here are some common words used by PE Teachers that can fall into each level:

DOP Level 1 – Complete, Finish, Do, Busy,  Work, Go, Play, Identify, Recognize

DOP Level 2 – Win, Score, Block, Catch, Kick

DOP Level 3 – Measure, Chart (verb), Compare and Improve in regard to performance, develop a practice plan for personal improvement

DOP Level 4 – Design, Plan, Strategize, Reflect, Teach a Peer, Analyze the flow of movement

Below is an example of how the Depth of Performance descriptors can be applied to “I can” statements in football skills.

DOP 1  I can perform the cues of the football punt

DOP 2 – I can perform the football punt in a game setting

DOP 3 – I can perform the football punt in a game setting and place my kick where it should be on the field.

DOP 4 – I can design a play that allows my team to have the best chance at success when I perform the football punt

The next time that you design a lesson plan, write your student goals in the form of an “I can” statement using the appropriate DOP Level terminology!  I have found that using appropriate “I can” statements with DOP descriptors to maximize student success!